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Everything you need to know

How to book an appointment


Angel typically books her appointments 4-5 months at a time. This 5-month period is what we call a booking cycle. If you are interested in booking a tattoo project for the next booking cycle, you will want to keep up-to-date by joining our mailing list, or following along on social media. When it comes time to open our books, we will pick a date for new inquiries to be accepted. We will send out ample reminders leading up to this date via our mailing list and social media so that you know exactly when to send in your inquiry.  

Once we announce our booking date, mark it in your calendar. On that date, inquiries will be accepted for 24 hours via the booking form that will become visible on this page. If you do not see a booking form, then you have inquired outside of our booking window and will have to inquire once booking is open again.

Keep in mind, we have a lot of inquiries to go through, and this takes time. Angel cares very deeply about considering her clients’ ideas, so each inquiry goes through a 3-step approval process. All inquiries will be looked over by our booking manager, Delaney, and reviewed by Angel.

Because of the high number of inquiries we receive, your inquiry is subject to approval.

Once you send in your inquiry, keep an eye on your email inbox (and spam folder) for our response. We usually respond within 3 days. This is how we will let you know if we will be able to book you during this cycle. Be patient! Taking time to fully consider everyone is important to us.

Once your inquiry has been approved, you will work with Delaney to schedule your appointment date(s). Each client is allowed to schedule up to 2 appointments at once.


Angel specializes in large scale tattooing, so keep in mind that she only takes appointments for full day tattoo sessions. There are two flat rates for full day sessions. Please keep in mind that these rates may fluctuate between booking periods. Once you have been quoted for a project, the price will not change until the project has been completed, or until 2 years have passed since your first session. 


The current full day rate for custom designs is $3,000.00 USD per day. “Custom” means that you will work with Angel to make your ideas come to life. If you have a specific concept or idea that means a lot to you, or you simply prefer to pick your subject matter or style, custom sessions are best suited for you! 


The current full day rate for pre-drawn designs is $2,500.00 USD per day. “Pre-drawn” means that Angel will take the reigns and help you come up with something you’ll love. This is for clients who are more open, or haven’t fully committed to an idea, and just want to collect something cool and unique. Angel is open to thematic suggestions or requests, but will be coming up with the bulk of the art on her own, based on what she thinks you’ll like. Keep in mind that you get what you get and this requires trust! There will be no changes to the design once it has been made.


Each full day session accounts for 6-8 hours of tattooing, not including set up, stenciling, or breaks. This means that you will likely spend up to 10 hours with us per appointment. If Angel continues tattooing past her 8 hour limit during your appointment, it will be at her own discretion and you will not be charged for additional time unless otherwise discussed with her.

Each session will require a deposit of half the cost of the piece ($1,250.00 USD or $1,500.00 USD) at the time of booking, which holds your appointment slot in our schedule, as well as covers the cost of your design and drawing time.

You will pay the second half of your day rate on the day of your appointment with a card reader or cash in the shop. Every full day appointment is set up in this way.


Now comes the fun part! You will be required to have a consultation over the phone to discuss your design with Angel (regardless of whether or not it is custom or pre-drawn). The consultation is included in your booking at no additional cost. Angel embraces her clients' concepts and loves transforming them into the human form.

Please note with pre-drawn designs, Angel gets full creative freedom and may not incorporate suggested design elements. If you are wanting something specific, it is best to submit an inquiry for a custom piece. If you have any concerns or just need guidance, Angel will walk you through all of it before your appointment. No matter what, it is important for Angel to get a sense of your individual needs and personality so that she can create something unique to you. Each client and each project require specific needs and it is our pleasure to help you through it.

Angel is not taking on cover-up projects at this time.


After your tattoo appointment, our team is still available to you for anything you need regarding follow up, after care, scheduling additional sessions, or taking healed photos. Angel and the rest of the shop will always welcome you back with open arms! As we say to our clients, affectionately: part of the ship, part of the crew.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family!

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