Attend the Trilogy Tattoo Conference

Take a look into the artistic minds of Angel, Laura and Bob as they unveil their processes and philosophy around art and tattoos. Our three hosting artists have each prepared unique presentations that cover their individual experiences and knowledge gained over their collective years in the industry. Bring a notebook and be prepared to learn alongside likeminded artists with a similar passion for tattooing!



Angel Rose Fergerstrom is a tattoo artist from Maui, Hawai’i.

Having been heavily influenced by graphite realism and pen and ink art, Angel’s tattooing style takes on a very dark, saturated black and grey application that provides a striking platform for her realistic yet dreamlike drawing style.

Angel is well known for her large scale tattooing that sprawls across large areas of her client’s bodies. Although Angel is known for her black and grey work, she also has a passion for bright, colorful illustrative and neo-traditional tattooing.